Merry Christmas!

by Emily Roberts ~ December 26th, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts.

I had one! This is what I got:
All 3 Toy Story movies in a 10 disk set, each movie on DVD, Blue Ray and digital copy + a special features disk
Pokemon Soul Silver (Cyndaquil for the win!)
A flip video camera (with a bee on it!)
Fingerless gloves that can become mittens
A lovely sweater
A scrabble-puzzle-a-day desk calendar
A $75 Amazon gift card
Some really nice cookware and glassware for my kitchen
A new deck of cards
And some lovely amethyst earrings from RC!

I will have to make some most excellent videos with this Flip. Shame I missed the deadline for the film fest. I had a great time in the evening with my family, and a fantastic Christmas dinner. I hope you, dear reader, had a delightful holiday and got everything you wanted!

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