Hello November.

by Emily Roberts ~ November 7th, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts, Uncategorized.

I have an extra hour. I will make a brief blog post.
The grey linen I chose for RC’s pillow is resistant to any type of transfer. Pencil and chalk lines don’t show up on it at all. I suppose next step is to make an iron-on transfer. That means another trip to the craft store, but then, I’m not too sad about that. I need to go to Hancock Fabrics anyway to find fabric for the rest of the pillow.
The Iron Avatarist theme this month is PC games. I got some ideas from my nerd friends, if I wasn’t working so hard on not working on this history paper I’d make them.
I have some ideas for animations and future blog posts. We’ll see if those happen.
Only 5 weeks left in the semester. Holy cow.

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