Hi, September, have a 3rd post.

by Emily Roberts ~ September 21st, 2010. Filed under: Needlework, Student Posts.

I haven’t worked on any projects. I’ve been working on school during the week and having fun on the weekends. Got some leather scraps at the Renfest 2 weekends ago, perhaps I can make something of it.

RC’s commissioned me for 3 pillows featuring his D&D characters. I’m such a nice girlfriend, I’m letting him pay the cost of 1 pillow for all 3 of them. I’m putting those off for the 17 days til he gets here. ^_^ I’ll drag him to the craft store so he can specify what he wants.

In the meantime, I’m still brainstorming ideas for a coin purse design. I’ll probably go for a flower, to keep things simple. I also like the idea of a pair of eyes on one side, with something like “this purse is protected by ninjas” on the other. The purse would be black, the eyes glow-in-the-dark and some other color. I need to do some actual sketches, I think.

I’ve decided these posts need more German. I’ll be translating some nice propaganda for German History, so I might make some posts about that in the future. For now, the German word of the day is glänzend. For no particular reason.

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