School’s back in.

by Emily Roberts ~ September 5th, 2010. Filed under: Classes, digital storytelling, Needlework, Student Posts.

The ds106 newbies are starting up their blogs, which makes me feel guilty that I have not updated!

I haven’t had much to post about, for I have not been working on anything. There wasn’t room in the car for my needlework supplies, and I just received them from home this weekend. Now that I have them, back to the blag!
Unfortunately, though I have the stuff now, I’ve also not worked on anything sufficiently since the last post. There is but one panel left to complete on the D20, I’ll be done with the embroidery by the end of tomorrow. I’ve got a new idea that I want to try, and I absolutely must finish this so that I can.

Classes this semester are German History, German Civilization (which is basically German History but counts as credit toward my major), Arabic 101 and Intro to World Religions. Looks to be nice and light. Nowhere near as fun as last semester, of course.

Sorry for the lame-bees post. Pictures of the (hopefully completed) d20 and details on my new ideas coming soon!

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