So I’m out.

by Emily Roberts ~ August 2nd, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts, Uncategorized.

Got decent grades in the second session of summer school. Now I’m back home, and able to work once again on my needlework projects.
I bought some new gold thread to finish the numbers on the d20. I did, but the shade of gold was more yellow than the other thread, so it pops out more than it should. This is distressing. However, I now have but 6 purple panels to fill in, and then I can move on to the second stage of the project.
I missed the deadline for last month’s Iron Avatarist, which had a film theme. That was kind of disappointing. But this month’s theme is “Summertime”, which I have a few ideas for.
Finally, I’m considering revisiting my webcomic idea. My sister is right, I can’t just wait to be talented to try pulling it off, I have to practice and practice.

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