Final project: shading

by Emily Roberts ~ June 16th, 2010. Filed under: Classes, Student Posts.

I’ve never been good at adding depth to my 2D works. This project combined that with lessons in symmetry and color.
I had 7 things to turn in at the conclusion of this project. First, we had to draw 4 shapes, and create a composition on tracing paper. Then, using stippling, create different areas of light and dark to indicate depth.

Then, photocopy the composition and make 2 different symmetrical compositions. Here are my examples of bilateral and radial symmetry.

Next I had to photocopy one of my symmetrical compositions and make it non-symmetrical.

Finally, I had to paint 2 copies of my original composition, one using colors to disguise the fact that there are even drawn shapes, and the other using color to indicate depth.

OOF. Lots of little work for this project. It was pretty fun though.
This whole class was pretty fun. Di Bella’s a good professor, I think he’s probably much better when he has a 15-week semester to teach rather than a 5-week summer course. I learned some things, and made some pretty cool stuff. Now, how about that whole studying thing for the Classics final….

As for next session, I got the Public Speaking professor to force add me into his class, and I dropped feminism. So yay.

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