by Emily Roberts ~ May 25th, 2010. Filed under: Classes, Iron Avatarist, Student Posts, Uncategorized.

A truck carrying about 17,000,000 bees crashed in Minnesota. One person died, another was taken to the hospital. AND NOW 17 MILLION BEES ROAM THE EARTH FREE!

So, for part 3 of the negative space project, I chose to make my found-object sculpture using empty Diet Coke with Lime cans, since I had them. Here are some pics.

Chopping and smashing the cans

I used an exacto knife. Probably not the best tool.

My first idea, with a twirly ribbon of can draped down the middle staircase of crushed cans. Di Bella thought that looked too decorative.

Final sculpture. I changed it a bit.

Instead of both sides being semi-symmetrical and staircase-patterned, I changed the other side. The pieces across from each other are pieces of the same can.

In other news, the comic I drew for April’s Iron Avatarist, which I posted back here, won me the gold in the “funniest scene” category and the silver in “best overall”! The newest contest is about war, I have no obvious ideas for that one. Maybe my classics class can inspire me.

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