First few days back

by Emily Roberts ~ May 19th, 2010. Filed under: Classes, Student Posts.

and my desk is already covered in meaningless bits of paper.

Living in the UMW apartments is cool. But there’s no longer an easy way to get to class from here since they built a huge fence along the outside wall, which before now was climbable. The front gate is open all the time, what’re they trying to keep out by blocking campus from they apartments? Us, I suppose. However, now we have a fridge with a freezer, a stove, an oven, and a DISHWASHER.  A DISHWASHER. That will make life easier next year, when we cook.

Classes seem to be alright. In the past 3 days, I have learned the genealogy of the Greek gods, and I have glued construction paper to bristol board.

For the purposes of comparing negative/positive space, axises, viewer completion and all that jazz. I like the one in the lower left, but apparently the fact that it doesn’t touch the side means it doesn’t quite fulfill the assignment. It’s just sort of floating there. I should put some black around it.
Oh yes, something else totally lame, I bought colored paper at the bookstore, and though the package advertised having about 6 or 7 different colors, it only contained black. My project will be most boring. The Chibi is letting me borrow a few scraps of color.
This is part of a larger project (or as Di Bella calls it, a problem), the true meaning of which has not been revealed to us. For today I created a similar piece using construction paper and bristol board, comparing the figure and ground. Since I am uncreative and bad at coming up with stuff on the spot, it involves a jar of bees.

This was the first draft

And this is the final thing, after the professor constructively criticized.

Very nice, I think! Di Bella wondered, “is the jar full of honey, and the bee is going after it? Well it should be up to the viewer to decide.”

And tomorrow I am to bring a sketchbook to class. The final part of this problem concerning negative/positive space is a sculpture that uses mass-produced non-artsy material, like toothpicks or bottlecaps. I’ll need to think of something.

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