Summer school

by Emily Roberts ~ May 16th, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts, Uncategorized.

Driving down to F-burg this afternoon. I do not want to goooooo.

That’s not quite true. I’m getting pretty bored. Everyone who keeps saying I’ll have fun at summer school is probably right. I’m rooming with one of my best friends, we’ll be living in an air-conditioned apartment, and I don’t think I’ll hate my classes.

BUT, I might have gone to Europe! I might have gone to Germany, gotten 4 credits of my major out of the way, and well, experienced more Europe. I lived in Wiesbaden, Germany when I was 8 to when I was 12. I want to visit many of the places I don’t remember or didn’t appreciate. And I want to visit the places I didn’t get to visit when I was there (mostly Italy.) But, because only two people signed up for the program, I do not get to go to Europe, and will not unless I get a job that allows me to travel. And without those 4 credits, I’ll have to design an independent study course. Because I need 12 more credits in my German major, and there is only 1 intensive offered per semester. x_x
*sigh* Oh well. Hopefully I can figure out something I’ll like. Something involving WWI, I figure. We have about over 9000 books on the subject here, including some primary sources.

Anyway. I won’t be taking any needlework to summer school. I’m taking Design Principles, which means I’ll have enough art to do. Also, my needlework chest is big and a bitch to transport. According to Ms. Art Major of Chibi Charms infamy, DiBella is an awesome professor. Expect the next few weeks of posts to be about assigned projects. With some Greek/Roman mythology thrown in (taking Classics too.)

Can’t stop rereading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Crack. Need a new series. I think I’ll try Discworld.

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