Continuation of last year’s projects

by Emily Roberts ~ May 7th, 2010. Filed under: Dream log, Needlework, Student Posts.

Ever have a brilliant idea, but then you look at it and realize it will be work, so you just stop?
That never happens to me. Ever. o_e [/extreme sarcasm]
This has been my attitude lately when it comes to drawing and inkscaping. Which is alright. Much easier to concentrate on abandoned needlework projects when starting a new inkscape project seems so annoyingly hard. And there’s no Iron Avatarist this month.

So, I started this several months ago, as an attempt to make something that is not a pillow. If it succeeds, it will look like a 20-sided die, and it will be turned into a keychain.

Gold edges and numbers, purple filling. I downloaded one of those foldable templates and transferred it to cloth, which I will stiffen and fold once the embroidery is done. This has a very high chance of failing horribly. The first time I tried something similar, the cloth collapsed and the glue didn’t hold and it ended up a mess.

It looks a lot better in that picture than it is. *feels ashamed*

But the concept remained intact! I’m using a smaller stitch and a different template. I’d hoped that the satin stitch might help keep the panels straight, but it just wasn’t good material for folding. This time around I’m using even softer cloth, and a more flexible stitch, which seems absolutely counterproductive, but I’ve bought some iron-on backing that might do the job of keeping the fabric stiff. I hope it works out better. If it does those silly geeky folks I tend to hang out with might want one. And once they decry its uselessness, and I lament its cost to manufacture compared to the price they’d want to pay, I will go back to making pillows and framed samplers. If it doesn’t, well, lesson learned, never try anything new! =D

I had a dream last night about the border between life and death. It’s in Corolla, North Carolina. With dragons and pirate skeletons, it’s hard to go wrong.
Every dream I’ve had this week has featured one of my classes from last semester. Library Science is next. Clearly I miss school.

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