by Emily Roberts ~ May 5th, 2010. Filed under: Dream log, Student Posts.

The class is over, but I’m just starting.
This blog will be about my various artsy endeavors, especially my needlepoint. I will also talk about my life sometimes. The name “A Jar of Bees” is a mystery, even to me.
Fangen wir an!

The summer begins, and so begin a deluge of projects that I may never complete!
Most of what I make are pillows. I’ve made a gallery of my needlework. It isn’t quite complete, as much of my products are made as gifts, and I did not start photographing them until recently, but it’s a fairly good sample. For the vast majority of my projects I use DMC cotton floss on linen evenweave.

Pictures and descriptions of my more recent endeavors when I find my camera.

That’s all I can say for now! Oh, and for those interested, my dream log has updated.

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