The Future of Fast Tom

by haptodysphoria ~ April 29th, 2010. Filed under: fast tom, Student Posts, Uncategorized.

While my last two videos are uploading on the obnoxiously slow Mary Washington internet, I thought I’d give an update on the state of Fast Tom. One of our members, Taylor, is transferring to another school. We were left with the decision of whether or not to continue the band, and ultimately we decided that we have too much of a good thing going, and it’s only just gotten started, so we are continuing. We will probably have to add another member eventually, but for now we’re just going to make due.

We are planning to record the songs we have finished over the summer sometime (I think we have about 6 complete songs and 5 incomplete songs at the moment). Once that’s done they will go up on a Myspace account (which I have yet to start) so that everyone can listen to them. We’re hoping to start playing a lot more open mic nights around town once we get back to school in the fall, as well as on campus. We’re all planning on working on new material over the summer and having weekly Skype sessions so we can touch base about the things we’re working on. We’re also hoping to add a few new instruments, the glockenspiel and the accordion, maybe even a viola, to name a few.

Basically, we’re still gonna be around, so watch out.

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