Photoshop Prompt #10

by Charles ~ April 18th, 2010. Filed under: digital story, Digital Storytelling Stuff, jimgroom, manbaby, photoshop, photoshop prompt, Student Posts.

Jim Groom is…


Dear Digital Story Class:

You are welcome.  So, so welcome.


The hardest part of this was the shadows.  I couldn’t figure out how to separate the shadow from the object so I had to have layers covering up the shadows that showed up on the sky.  I also actually took the kid’s face from a different picture because in this one the shirt was covering up his face.  It was from the same set as this picture from Jim’s Flickr.  Whatever. I’m not a creeper.  I may post a video of how I did this, but I might not.

This is my last Photoshop prompt for this class because I need to pass my other classes. But, I’m keeping this blog so I will probably post more during the summer and beyond.

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