by rachel ~ April 15th, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts, Uncategorized.

So I was running around around Easter time with Brent doing funny quests where we had to find eggs and place rabbit ears on other people and wear funny dresses, and I came across a really cool glitch. It was supposed to look like a muddy pig pen in The Barrens (Horde territory on WoW) but instead it looked like a bunch of multi-colored tiles. This same day, I was fighting a humanoid who didn’t have any legs. I guess it was just a bad day for World of Warcraft :P   In the picture below,  I’m the weird orc wearing a dress and bunny ears.  Brent is the level 80 next to me.  You can actually see our conversation on the bottom left where I was asking him if he was seeing the same trippy colors that I was.


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