Samuel Michaels: A Test to ‘Keep Hide from a friend’ — 3

by Reverend ~ April 14th, 2010. Filed under: burke pharmaceuticals, digital story, digital storytelling, ds106, newfoundmemories122, samuel michaels, Student Posts.

Watch the video below. For better High-Def make sure it says 480p and not 360p on the video for Hi-Def. Or simply click here to watch in Hi-Def directly on the video page.

Dear Reader,

What is this? A book? A code? A picture? A father? A fake? A clue? A test? A link? Or maybe just a friend. Why ‘Keep Hide – from a friend’? Will Michaels listen? Then again what do I know? I’m just the uploader, of course.

April 2009 is almost upon Samuel Michaels. This book may contain more than you know yet. If you are wondering, the papers do contain direct test results relating to Burke Pharmaceuticals and one “Cawley Tech”. I am in possession of a few scraps from this group of papers that weren’t destroyed. If able, I will post scans of what I have before the week ends…

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