Photoshop Prompt #9

by Charles ~ April 13th, 2010. Filed under: digital story, Digital Storytelling Stuff, photoshop, photoshop prompt, skateboarder, Student Posts, worth1000.

Here’s a fun Worth 1000 one called Out of Bounds.

You can click to enlarge.

Evaluation: This was pretty fun to do.  I did another attempt at the same concept with a ballerina jumping out of a frame.  I didn’t like that one was much.  First, I couldn’t get the tutu to look natural.  Second, it just didn’t look right.  My editor is my girlfriend. The mentality there is that she’s never touched Photoshop in her life so if she can tell it’s bad then it’s bad.  When she saw the ballerina she said it was bad.  I said “but can’t you tell she’s jumping out of the picture?”  Her response?  “… well… you can tell she’s supposed to be jumping out of the picture…” We decided that what made that one bad was that there was nothing really connecting her to the picture so I took this approach where he’s physically holding onto the picture but still coming out.

Anyway, this was a pretty simple picture to do.  I just cut out the old picture and then stuck this one behind it.  I cut out the skateboarder, stuck him over himself and added a drop shadow.  I’ll post a screencast of it eventually because this would be a good way for a beginner to get the hang of the pen tool.  Also this was the first time I’ve ever used the drop shadow (surprising, right?) so that was a fun experiment.

Thanks to…

Corykrug for the photo frame

jon hanson for the skateboard picture

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