by Michael Biller ~ April 13th, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts, Uncategorized.

I have a few questions for people: Who is your favorite golfer? and Who did you think was going to win the Masters? Well my favorite golfer is Tiger Woods and John Daly, and I hate Phil Mickleson with a passion. Well watching the masters this past weekend was very interesting because it was very close the whole time. Of course Phil Mickleson won the Master, even though it was good to watch Tiger play since he hasn’t played in 144 days. What got my attention though was Anthony Kim scoring a 65 in the final round, imagine if he had better first and second day play.

Golf is such a amazing sport to watch, people might say it is easy but trust me it isn’t.  Even watching the Master tournament shows a lot about golf and the traditions that come with it.


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