Samuel Michaels: A Book Introduced — 2

by Reverend ~ April 12th, 2010. Filed under: burke pharmaceuticals, digital story, digital storytelling, ds106, newfoundmemories122, samuel michaels, Student Posts.

Watch the video below. For High-Def make sure it says 480p and not 360p on the video for Hi-Def. Or simply click here to watch in Hi-Def directly on the video page.

Dear Reader,

Things not seem weird yet? Good. This is the last of the background you need to know. The next uploads are the ones which are in danger of being taken down by Burke. The book is introduced, the video seen, etc.

We see from the LOST reference in this vlog post that the video was originally filmed on March 19, 2009. If you don’t understand yet, wait for April. That’s all I can write at this time…

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