Samuel Michaels AKA newfoundmemories122 — 1

by Sam (Admin) ~ March 31st, 2010. Filed under: burke pharmaceuticals, digital story, digital storytelling, ds106, newfoundmemories122, samuel michaels, Student Posts.

Watch the video below. Make sure it says 480p and not 360p on the video for Hi-Def. Watch High-Def for better viewing. Or simply click here to watch in Hi-Def directly on the video page.

Dear Reader,

It always starts off seeming normal. Whether you realize it now, this video is important to understand everything else that happened. I will be uploading the other important video blog posts in the coming weeks. These are RARE videos!

I am also in possession of some of the footage from Michaels’ personal DV camcorder showing everything he experienced after March 23, 2009. I will upload it soon as well. The DV footage (to my knowledge) has never been leaked online.

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