E Market Street – The Google Street View Story

by Reverend ~ March 31st, 2010. Filed under: digital storytelling, ds106, google, Student Posts, video.

Well it’s finally uploaded! What, you ask? Well my latest assignment for Digital Storytelling, of course! What else could it possibly be?

Sorry for the delay, I have been having some major issues uploading files online, especially to YouTube. It’s the fault of the internet in our dorm, though, not Google. The files take forever to upload, and the internet always cuts out before it completes entirely. But enough complaining…

The assignment deals with a new and interesting type of storytelling, one which actually takes the listener to the location of the story to hear it. This story is told using the incredibly cool and possibly outstandingly invasive Google Maps feature known as “street view”. We had to take the viewer on a tour of some place in Google Street View and tell a story about that place. I chose to talk about East Market Street in my hometown of Leesburg, VA. Enjoy listening about some of the cool things that exist on this street! Watch it below, comment, rate, etc. por favor!

Happy Trails,

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