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by Reverend ~ March 31st, 2010. Filed under: digital story, digital storytelling, ds106, lost, newfoundmemories122, samuel michaels, Student Posts.

The following is important information for you all dealing with my digital story. Seriously, read this or you might get confused:

As most of you know, I had originally chosen to do my mandatory digital story this semester based off the best show in all of ever, LOST. I had two great ideas, unfortunately both of these ideas have fallen through. While I hinted at this in an earlier post, it is now official. :-( Not to worry, though, because I already am in production of a different non-LOST-related story for my blog. Though admittedly the way I want to tell to story is very LOST-esque, including hiding clues within the videos, and great foreshadowing (which LOST excels at!)

You need to know: a post which is part of the digital story will have a title starting with “Samuel Michaels …”. You can also view only posts relating to the story by keeping an eye on this page (link: The first part will be up before 11 tonight. I can’t reveal too much, though I can tell you that it’s a drama series composed mainly of videos.

As you will be able to tell from the first video, an unidentified person will be uploading a series of videos to their account over the next few weeks. The videos are from a video blog series by “Samuel Michaels” (aka user newfoundmemories122) which was originally posted in early March 2009. These videos are only copies of the originals which “The Uploader” managed to saved before they were taken down. “The Uploader” is also somehow in possession of Michaels’s personal dv camcorder, and will be uploading videos from it as well.

These videos start off normal. But there is something weird about them, not the least of which being that the originals were taken down by direct request from a company named “Burke Pharmaceuticals”. Why would they take them down? What is it about Michaels which makes him so important? But I have already said too much…

More to come,


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