Violent Blue: the long awaited band! Also an educational video.

by Reverend ~ March 24th, 2010. Filed under: digital storytelling, ds106, lost, Student Posts, Violent Blue.

We are a very ambitious bunch. We meaning: Will McCarry, Billy Bacci, Jimmy McGrath, and myself. Collectively, we have been part of five separate bands over the last four years, not to mention our own personal side-projects. But all that has finally come together. We have finally settled on the name ‘Violent Blue‘. Not only that, but we also have our first song up over on our Facebook page to prove it! Titled “Polaroid” it’s the first track we’ve released off our upcoming Yeah. Right. EP. Go check it out, become a fan, and give us your thoughts!

Some readers may remember that we were running under the tentative band name “Chasing Lilly” for the past few months. In fact, that’s the reason this site is named what it is (despite being a cool LOST reference, of course). We’ll get the EP out sometime this summer, and expect us to be playing some shows as well. We’ll keep ya posted!

So far we only have a Facebook page, but we’ll be getting a Myspace music page up soon as well. Jimmy was cool enough to make a video for the Polaroid song using pictures from our travels over the past year. Clever… using pictures to show a song titled “Polaroid”… intentional? Probably not. Ah well, check that out below as well:

In other news, we had to make a short educational video this week for Digital Storytelling class using only free-to-use videos from the Prelinger archive on the Internet Archive. We chose the topic of “phishing” and agreed that my group would write a short script and record voice-overs, and I would edit the whole film together. The video below is the culmination of this effort. You’ll notice the voice overs are rather blown out volume-wise, but the bad audio, combined with the guys at times funny-sounding voice I figured were worth keeping and funny by itself. Enjoy:

You may be wondering where my digital story is? You know, that one about me being a character from LOST actually in the show blogging about it? Along with video? Well I’ve run into some big roadblocks with that idea, and may be forced to take up my secondary idea. Don’t worry, it still deals with LOST, just not in the same way. We’ll see, though. Keep watching the blog.

Lastly, we’d like to apologize for not being able to upload last week’s Dark Territory LOST Podcast. For those three of you who listen to it, we are sorry. :-P If it will allow us to without problems, we’ll sill try uploading it. We’ll also have a podcast for this week’s Richard Alpert-centric LOST episode, “Ab Aeterno” (which means “from the beginning” or “from eternity” in Latin). That’s all for now!

Happy Trails,

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