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A little late but who cares…

Gardner Campbell was nice enough to skype with our class and give us his insights on technology and the limitless potential we can use it for with regards to computers. All though most of it went over my head, I was still able to take out some key points of the discussion. If I’m not mistaken, he doesn’t want us to be limited with what to do with technology. He get very annoyed with calling technology just stuff and explained that with so much of what we do today has to deal with computers and technology and is such a major factor in our everyday lives, it is not appropriate to call technology just stuff. I totally agree with that statement and it got me thinking about my daily routine and how much revolved around technology. I use it in pretty much every aspect of my life; personal, business, academic, and leisure. I would almost be lost without it, because of this dependence, it is important not to give it such a generic category as stuff which as a pretty negative or irrelevant sound to it.

With that said, I found the readings to be very interesting. Everything that I use the computer for today is what Adel Kay was planning for. He took the idea of computers only being used for arithmetic purposes and proposed the idea to make its purpose much more than just that, a purpose of personal use. Something that i never thought about was the idea of text and its appearance. Its like they said in the reading, different fonts suit different moods. Some fonts are more suitable for reading while others are more suitable for writing. I found as I was reading that, I couldn’t help but to stop and think about that for a moment. Which made me remember of a story that i heard about the font Times New Roman, which im not sure how accurate it is but will share anyways. Supposedly, The Times publication invested large amounts of money into the study of which font encourages and promotes people to read more and it came to the conclusion that Times New Roman was that font and apparently once the Times used this font it was able to see in its financial reports are larger increase in publications being purchased. Thats just what I heard, so you guys can run with it or let me know its not true.

– J

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