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by Charles ~ January 30th, 2010. Filed under: front page, gif, hacking, max, photoshop, plane, rocket, Student Posts, theme, Uncategorized.

I made new front page for my blog.  For the record, I actually just hacked Sam’s page source.  I went to his front page, right clicked and went to “View Page Source.”  I copied the text into Notepad and changed webpages, what it says when I scroll over the image, etc.  So, thanks, Sam for the code!

Also, I changed the Max over on the right side.  I had him as a jpg, with the background being the same color as the sidebar.  However, today I went to show a friend my site and for some reason on her computer the colors were different between the Max image and the sidebar.  So, I just set him up as a gif so he could be transparent.  As a side note, since I never had any formal instruction on Photoshop, I always assumed “gif” was pronounced with a “g” like “gift.”  However, other day Homeboy pronounced it as in “Choosy moms choose Jif,” so I asked The Internet about how to say it.  Guess what?  Choosy moms indeed choose Jif and I had been saying it incorrectly.  So I’m working on changing how my head looks at the word so I don’t sound like an idiot when I say the word.

I also created a new background for my page in Photoshop.  My girlfriend asked why it had planes and a helicopter when my page is clearly not called “thecharlieplanesandahelicopter” it’s “thecharlierocket.”  I assume that I think they go together because rockets and planes and helicopters, along with firetrucks, racecars, and cowboy outfits represent the American idea of an idealized boyhood.  So, making the leap from rockets to planes seems obvious to me.  Maybe I should have named my page “charliesidealizedboyhood” instead.  Now that I think about it, the Max image serves the same purpose, because he represents rebellion and freedom of children (at least that’s one interpretation).  Huh.   Hadn’t even thought of that.

Yup.  So, I guess, welcome to Charlie’s Playground.

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