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by Charles ~ January 24th, 2010. Filed under: photoshop, Student Posts, theme, Uncategorized, WordPress.

Hello, friends of Computer Science. Here is the part where I tell you about the look and feel of this fantastic site.
Basically, I hate looking at blogs with the standard Kubrick theme. I think that is a feeling that most people should share because it looks terrible and boring. Let me stop there for a second and state that blogs also should not look the opposite of boring. Blogs and sites shouldn’t go glitter graphic crazy or have a million pictures and videos just for the sake of having them.
In looking at graphic design, I would venture to say that the current standard of the day is the minimalist approach that Apple uses. I personally like this look, and most of the desktop wallpapers I make for my computer fall into the “less is more” feel. However, that isn’t my style for blogs. In my UMW blogs, I prefer to use the Chris Pearson Cutline theme and then make a simple, personalized banner for the top. Every one of my class blogs follows this simple sequence. It’s easy to manage, it looks good, and it doesn’t take much effort.

For my CPSC blog at this site, I followed a similar approach. I always avoid themes that involve a lot of dark colors, it takes me back to that time in my life when I was 14, had no idea what graphic design was, and my Xanga account proved it (no one should have allowed me to choose a theme dominated by black and red). In choosing my theme, I searched the themes for ones that allow custom headers without excess fluff and widgets built into it. I narrowed it down to three options: Irrigation, Hamani, and this one, Indore.
Once I decided on Indore, I figured out the dimensions of the banner on the top of the page and opened up a file of the same size in Photoshop. I had stumbled (not the Firefox application, just the verb) upon a tutorial that I wanted to try out of how to make “Text in Stitches.”  I had a lot of fun making the banner and then creating a new wallpaper out of this technique.  As a side note, if you’re trying to learn Photoshop, I would recommend simply finding tutorials that look interesting and following them – you learn a whole lot just by doing tutorials.

Then I decided to make an About Me page.  I made the page and then set out to make a fun graphic to go with the page, but after finishing it I realized it would look better on my main page embedded with HTML in a text widget on the right side of the page.  Hence, I still don’t have an About Me page.  But, I’m over it.  I’ll do it soon, I swear.

And that’s my post about my theme.


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