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by centurion5545 ~ January 20th, 2010. Filed under: Student Posts, Themes, Uncategorized, WordPress.

I have been messing with WordPress for a a few days now and think that I know a bit more about it than I did at the beginning.  I have been prodded(nudged :-) ) to share what I have done.

WordPress has a very intuitive theme system and a HUGE community theme collection.  There are themes with different layouts and colors.

The search options are very helpful for specifying exactly which things you want in a theme.  You can specify color, number of columns, and even if it can have a custom header.  This feature allowed me to find many themes that were orange in nature (it is my favorite color after all).

Once you have found a theme that you want to have for blog, you can click on the install link below the theme.  This will present you with an install window which will allow you to install the theme to you WordPress installation.

After the theme has been installed you will be presented with a installation progress window which shows the different steps to the installation and is the installation was successful. It will then give you options to preview the theme, activate the theme or return to the Theme Installer.

If you want to view all of the themes that you have installed you can click on the Themes link under the Appearance menu along the left side of the Admin Page.

For those of you who like a theme and want to change just a few of the colors or a background image on a theme, you can using the Editor link under the Appearances menu along the left side of the Admin page.  This editor also gives you access to many of the other files involved with a theme and allows you to further customize your blog.

This sort of tinkering is a little more difficult to make than the installation of the theme because it require a little knowledge about CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language).  This knowledge is not very hard to come by and with a little willingness to learn and a few good web searches, one can easily tweak any theme to their liking.

WordPress makes theming your blog simple to do and gives you the tools to further the professional look and feel of you site.  Enjoy theming you all!

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