Assignments for 1/19 (Tech Forum and Class List)

by Reverend ~ January 15th, 2010. Filed under: assignments.

So, to clarify anything we may have missed in the rush at the end of class last night, here is partial list of what I need from and when I need it.

First things first…
Using the class Tech Forum and adding your personal info to the Class List page:

I have created a forum on UMW Blogs so that we can share support as we get our domains up and running. I also created a Course List page on the UMW Wiki so that you can all add your personal information in one place—what I need here is your name, domain address, twitter account, and email preference (you do not need to use your UMW email).

In order to access and edit either of these resources you need to have an account on UMW Blogs. If you already have one you are all set, if not go here ( and signup for a username (you do not need to get a blog here) using your UMW email address. Note: be sure to check your junk mail folder in the UMW email account because we have had a number of our confirmation emails redirecting there for some reason.
Here is a quick FAQ for signing up for a username on UMW Blogs here:

After that, you will be able to use your username and password for UMW Blogs (you can change your password for UMW Blogs following the steps here: to sign-in and post to the technical forum for this class here:

Additionally, when you sign-in to UMW Blogs with your username and password, you can edit the personal information for the Course List here:

You’ll notice this is a wiki, and if you are signed-in to UMW Blogs, you will see an edit button on the right-hand sidebar, click that and add your personal information (name, domain, twitter id, and preferred email) using the formatting style in the page. I put in two examples, my own, and a fake student, go beneath the text for the last entry and add your information using the following formatting

**Twitter ID
**preferred email

Timeline: Have this done as soon as possible so that we can focus on making the domain and web hosting work.

That’s it for the moment, I will be both posting and sending out another email about the first steps to making your domain work with your web hosting account, and after that setting up your own blog.

More soon,

15 Responses to Assignments for 1/19 (Tech Forum and Class List)

  1. Chris Anna

    Due to certain filters, a lot of confirmation emails get sent to bulk (spam) inbox. I have had this occur on Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail accounts, so it is not just UMW, though it doesn’t make a lot of sense, that’s just how it works hehe!

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  3. Olivia Newman

    I don’t understand where we are supposed to post our information??? Tech forum?? I don’t know where that is or what to do when I get there…thanks.

  4. olivianewman

    nevermind I figured it out!

  5. Reverend


    Sorry for any confusion, seems like you got it. but let me know if it is still not making sense. I know I am throwing a lot at you right now. But it will all make sense soon.

  6. Colin Klalo

    I can’t sign into the control panel. I know i am entering the correct password and username, but it is not registering. I have added cast iron coding as my host on godaddy already and have an account on umw blogs, so i am ready to go with everything else. What should i do?

  7. Reverend


    What is your domain? I can contact CIC and see what is up with the username and password. Did you get the confirmation email from them?

  8. Colin Klalo I got the email confirmation, which includes the username and password.

  9. Reverend

    Ok Colin,

    Looking into it now, needed the domain name to check out the details. I’ll have more for you soon.


  10. Reverend


    You should be all set, give another shot and let me know.


  11. Colin Klalo

    its working now and ive set up my blog and posted the assignment. thanks!

    ps. I’m a little out of my element. Im like the child who walks into the movie theater half way and asks whats happening

  12. Michael Biller

    Hi Professor,

    Im having a problem logging into the control panel as well. I’m not sure if i have my domain appointed to the web hosting part.

  13. Michael Biller


    I tried purchasing my iron coding accountant, but it is not accepting my password because i do not have upper and lower case characters in it, but the problem is I am putting upper and lower case characters in it.

  14. Reverend


    I’m looking into that now, more soon.

  15. Caitlin Murphy

    Hello! I got my site up and running, and it is .